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From the August 1st General Manager's Office, it was learned that Debon's production capacity was released normally in July, the output of superior grades reached 1,425 tons, and the output rate of superior grades reached 74.95%. These two indicators are in the past two years. The best of the month is also obtained when the proportion of special films is increasing.

The experience of taking this achievement is to implement an effective weekly meeting system, which promotes the solution of equipment, production and quality problems through regular meetings, improves the stability of equipment and production operations, and improves work efficiency.

Mr. Zhang put forward three requirements for the management of the production center:

The first is to promote the effective weekly meeting of Debon Company to other production units, to create a good technology sharing, technical exchange atmosphere, improve team cohesion and enhance the joint problem-solving.

The second is to improve the performance appraisal method. It is necessary to balance the relationship between variety, output, efficiency and personal remuneration with the principle of maximizing the benefits of enterprises; it is necessary to pass the assessment and guidance so that employees can do their jobs well and do well the work that should be done well.

The third is to deal with the problem of cooperation between the aluminum-plating workshop and the new company.

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